Golden Eye International, the holder of numerous film copyrights, has long taken the stance that the unlawful distribution of copyright material is detrimental to the film and creative industries. The continued use of peer-to-peer file sharing networks has grown to such proportions that we are left with no other alternative but to pursue those who infringe our copyrights and to seek financial retribution, for our losses, through their unlawful activities. While every attempt will be made to seek a settlement out of court we will not hesitate to enter into court proceeding with those who fail to acknowledge our intellectual rights.

We use the latest technology to identify those IP addresses from which our films and content are being uploaded to peer-to-peer networks and through rigorous and legal means contact the offenders notifying them of our intent to get them to cease any similar activities in the future as well as negotiate an equitable settlement for the losses caused by their unlawful practises.

If you are reading this, then more than likely you have infringed our rights already. If you wish to settle our claim against you prior to court proceeding taking place please email (quoting your reference number). We advise recipients of our letters to seek independent legal advice.

The jewellery and fashion industry is also seeing an increase in the number of breaches of copyright and Trade Mark infringement, both of which cause our clients financial loss. Another division of our business is to protect, via the most effective and efficient means, our clients' intellectual property rights. Enforcement means will include removal of infringing online sites or by taking immediate court action.

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