It's a myth that downloading illegal content is a victimless crime. Your most obvious concern about uploading and downloading copyrighted material is to save money. But scratch the surface and you'll find that illegal downloads cause serious damage which affects a wide range of people trying hard to earn a living within the film industry.

Copyright theft is a big issue - for the consumer, for the film and TV industries and for communities. For legitimate businesses - the distributors and high street retailers who sell or rent DVDs - file sharing has a significant impact on profits. At present, 15% of the value of legitimate sales is lost to the problem. It doesn't just affect big business: these losses have a grave negative impact on the 150,000 people employed in the industry in the UK, contributing to rental and retail store closures, loss of jobs and a growing threat to future investment.

UK Audiovisual Industries are losing 500 million a year, due to copyright theft, equating to a total economic loss to the UK economy of 1.2 billion.

Source: Oxford Economics

Streaming of illicit content online is becoming much more prevalent, with sites hosting or linking to the stream generated revenues from advertising that can be tens of thousands of dollars a month. Pirate Bay was making over $1m a year in profits from advertising.

Source: Pirate Bay prosecutor

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